Reb Ribbon-ish?


…..One minute we’re planning our annual bike ride with multiple mileage routes that range anywhere from 7 to 70 miles, the next minute due to COVID-19, we’re having to re-think, re-create how we can do a ride that still brings in much needed financial support to APO, all while having fun and abiding by social distancing.  Well, we think we have it!

This year on the same day as our originally planned ride, we will be doing instead what we call, our VIRTUAL  ‘Ish Ride. Or the longer form being The 17th‘Ish Annual‘Ish VIRTUAL Ozarks Red Ribbon Ride‘Ish! 

We are thrilled also to say that our Presenting Sponsor, Grove Pharmacy & Grove Spa are still in to being part of our new “ride”, as are ALL of our sponsors who you can find listed below!

On Saturday, May 16th, from 9 AM to Noon, APO will be live on their Facebook page from the comfy and the acceptable social distancing of our conference room.  There we will have our 3 ‘Ish Ride organizers who will be “riding bikes” all in effort to raise much needed funds for APO.  And even though they will be doing the riding, we still need your help!  How?

APO currently has 2,018 followers on Facebook.  If the equivalent amount of people donated only $5, they would be helping to raise over $10,000!  BUT, if that same equivalent number of people were to give $10, they would be helping to raise over $20,000!!!!  Amazing, right?  Easy, right? Yes, but here’s some even more exciting news.  Our good friends with M.A.C. Cosmetics have once again offered to MATCH DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR for every gift for the ‘Ish Ride!  That means that that $10K can easily become $20K and that $20K can become $40,000!!  But we need your help, your friends help, the community’s help in reaching a lofty, but doable goal!

All you need to do is go to the top of this page and hit the “Donate” button.  There you can put in your 5 or 10 dollar gift and we will be on our way!  You don’t even have to wait till ride day to give, as every gift that comes in thru our webpage will be matched beginning immediately and thru the day of May 16th.  Also, if you donate a minimum of $25,  you will receive one commemorative t-shirt of this year’s ‘Ish ride.  We’ll even find a way to throw in a roll of toilet paper!  How can you beat that?!  When you make your $25 gift, just put in the note field of Paypal what t-shirt size you would like.

Here’s another way you can be involved with the ‘Ish ride and it not require you to donate if you aren’t able to.  We want you to get out and go for a bike ride on May 16th.  Whether that’s you individually, or with your family (WHILE FOLLOWING SOCIAL DISTANCING GUIDELINES)!  We’re even leaving all of our routes posted below in case you would like to do one of them. Also, take a picture of you somewhere on your ride and post it to either our main APO Facebook page and/or our Ozarks Red Ribbon Ride Facebook page.
While we’re live on Facebook that day from 9AM to Noon, we’ll be pushing out challenges to you of items we want to see you in pictures with.  We want this to be fun, interactive, as well as a time to get out and get some much needed exercise on your bike.  Again, all while following social distancing guidelines.

So you have all the facts right?  You know what to do right?


17th‘Ish Annual’Ish VIRTUAL Ozarks Red Ribbon Ride‘Ish

Saturday, May 16, 2020

  • Tune in live on APO Facebook page, Saturday, May 16th between 9 AM and Noon
  • Make a donation here on our webpage
  • Get your bike or bikes out and go for a ride on May 16th and post a picture so we can give you a shout out live!
  • Tell all your family and friends about the ‘Ish Ride and that APO is needing their help
  • Be sure to give them our web address, so they can donate
  • Give $25 and receive a commemorative ‘Ish Ride” shirt
  • Abide by social distancing guidelines

Want a commemorative ‘Ish Ride T-shirt?

We will be making commemorative ‘Ish Ride shirts that will be available for every $25 donation you give.  If you give $50, you get 2 shirts.  If you give $75, you get 3 shirts and so on and so on.
When you make your gift here on our website thru the “Donate” tab at the top, please be sure you put what shirt size(s)  you want in the Paypal notefield.  We will contact you once shirts are in.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide health education and services to under-served and marginalized populations including, but not limited to, persons living with or at risk for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Hepatitis C Virus (HCV),and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI). Services are extended to families, and significant others and are provided in a confidential, caring environment.